Be present on mobile

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important in our lives and in economic exchanges every year, so it is important to be present on this type of devices

Mobile applications can be of different types: web app, native or cross-platform. We direct you to the most suitable choice of application according to the characteristics of your project

Web App

The web app is as its name suggests a web application adapted to the requirements of mobile support. Thanks to the capabilities of HTML5 the web app can access the essential functions of the device.

The web app is a good option for who wants to enter the world of mobile applications smoothly


Native application

Native application development uses the development kits provided by Apple and Google to build your mobile application. You benefit from all the features of IOS and Android and the performance of your application is optimal.

Native applications require the development of an application by platform, an application for IOS and an application for Android. This kind of application is suitable for projects that rely exclusively or almost exclusively on mobile support

Cross platform application

Cross-platform applications allow the development of a single compatible mobile application on both IOS and Android, which is a significant gain in maintenance.

If you need a compatible mobile application on IOS and Android with good performance in a minimum of time, the cross-application is what you need.

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